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D.O.B 29th November 2008

Confirmed in France June 2010

Passed TAN Test 2010

UK Hip Score 2:4
European Hip Score A:A

Current Clear Eye Certificate

Ooli is now 3 years old (how time flies) and has grown into a truly handsome lad. As you can see he has now had all his health tests and has had very good results. His hips were x-rayed in the UK and scored under the BVA here and also the plates were sent to Switzerland to be assessed (thank you Renate Zuber Morgenthaler for arranging that) . We had a trip to Douai, France in 2010 for him to be ‘confirmed’ by M.Goubie which entitles him to his full LOF number. He has also passed his TAN Test (water test).
His growing up has not been without its challenges but now he has gone through his ‘Kevin the teenager’ stage he is once again a very happy boy whose tail never stops wagging , always a smile on his face and up for a game of ball.
If all goes according to plan he will be mated to Ebene (Can Ch Courailee Ebene) in December and we will hopefully hear the patter of tiny Barbet paws in the Spring.

Another exciting match is planned with him in March/April 2012 with a beautiful girl ‘Alba’ (Quanciendas Alba Aqua-Aura) who will be visiting us from Holland. We had a great weekend recently when her owners Anne Plomp and Wouter Lemmen brought her over to meet us (and Ooli of course). Alba is a beautiful girl with a wonderful temperament and has not only excelled in the show ring but also in the ‘fun’ activities that she take part in. Her details can be found on the Nuphar website (see links page).

I must also thank Anne for the wonderful pictures she took of them all during her stay here.
(See below)
All grown up....Ooli at 3 years old


If you would like to learn more about the Barbet then please go to the links page and onto the Barbet Club of Great Britain.

We're pleased to announce that theres a 'new kid on the block' and he is a French Barbet who we've called Ooli. The Barbet is an ancient breed that became almost extinct until a couple of dedicated breeders in France decided to bring them back. They are water retrievers so are in the Gundog Group. and have a very laid back attitude as well as being extrememly bright. Wonderful temperaments and very loyal to their families.
Ooli was entrusted to us by Wendy his breeder and with him came a whole new set of interesting challenges.
Ooli with Ena
As the Barbet is not at the present time recognised by the UK Kennel Club he cannot go into the show ring in this country although I hope to show him in Europe (he has FCI registration) when he's got his Pet Passport. He's been enrolled in a Gundog Puppy Training class that starts in May which I am really looking forward to and until then we'll be going to basic obedience classes. Even at 12 weeks old he is very quick to learn and obey so hopefully he will enjoy it too.
Ooli's mum, Bepop
His breeder and I are hoping that once all the relevant health tests have been completed that he will be able to contribute to the gene pool both here and abroad. Exciting times ahead!!

Ooli is a joy to have and has settled in fine with the Spinone who also love him although not to keen on him when he's hanging off their ears!

If you would like to learn more about the Barbet then please go to the links page and onto the Barbet Club of Great Britain.
Typical Barbet Puppies
Cover Star
Pups from the 1st UK litter

Growing up....Ooli at 6 months old



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